Pi Beta Phi

"One of my favorite parts of study abroad was being around my Pi Phi sister, Marianne Dolan. Even though I was studying in Paris and she was in Barcelona, we were able to meet up with each other in Hungary, Ireland and Switzerland. We even ran a half marathon in Budapest together. Marianne was my rock during study abroad and I feel like having my sister in Europe with me was so important for my experience and my overall sense of self!"​​​​​​​ - Claire D. (left)

"When I decided to go Greek, I said I wanted a sisterhood because I grew up mainly with brothers, but I didn’t realize how much I would actually gain in sisterhood. I joined Pi Phi my second year and found that it provided me a group of empowering women who are smart, driven, and kind, just like I aspire to be. I gained my big-little pham too, who have helped me grow so much. We’ve spent nights in the library, downtown, at the gym, on the phone, and in our living rooms talking, giving advice and laughing. I know whenever I need advice, I can call someone or message the group chat for help. One of my great-grand big’s favorite memories is getting together for UChicago’s Summer Breeze for cooking brunch, a carnival on the quad, a group naptime, and of course the Carly Rae Jepsen concert. From going downtown to air yoga, to lunch dates, to pre-formal manicures, every pham outing we have reminds me of how amazing this sisterhood is." - Elizabeth B. (right)